Completing over 60 marathons before moving into the triathlon world. My hope is to help others successfully reach their goals while reducing injury risks by providing training, within the 5 pillars of IRONMAN foundations, nutrition, and even footwear guidance (Yes, it definitely matters). Personally, I have completed 11 IRONMAN competitions completing # 9 at the Ironman Texas on April 28, 2018, #10 in September 2018 at Chattanooga, Tn. #11 in April, 2019 in Texas and i am excited for #12 in Tempe Arizona on November 2019, I can also provide you guidance on the races I have personally run throughout the world and factor in local weather, roads, and logistical plans. My races in Switzerland, Arizona, Texas, Florida and California were all unique and deserve to be addressed that way. You are no different and your race is different from the person next to you. Together we will devise a training schedule that is inline with IRONMAN Pillars and your goals.

I am also a fully licensed massage therapist specializing in endurance athletes that includes IRONMAN professionals. This allows me to to give you a different scope of advice. I understand the unique differences and how to work on the body to get an athlete back on track. This will be helpful to you as you begin and progress throughout your training

During my 21 years in the United States Marine Corps,

I quickly learned one thing, exercise will keep you young. Maintaining a reasonable, balanced approach and hard work will improve a person's chances for success. I understand the needs of athletes because of my own extensive athletic training. It is my honor to help clients find train successfully for their races

Ray Arroyo is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner of Superior Performance Massage.Has experience in several modalities, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and sports injuries. He has been working extensively with all athletes and clients who have been unsuccessful at finding pain relief and/or need to increase athletic performance. When He lived in Okinawa, Japan, he first learned about providing pain relief and recovery from athletic training using ancient Okinawan massage techniques. As a licensed massage therapist, he learned about Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology of Muscles, Medical Massage, and EasternTheory. This diverse exposure widened the scope of his practice far beyond spa massage and has been the solid foundation of the Services he now provides. Unlike relaxing massage, which has its own benefits, his work focuses on the deep muscles that hold joints bound, preventing full range-of-motion and causing chronic joint pain. Thoroughly understands the needs of athletes because of his own extensive athletic training. In 1989 he participated in his first Los Angeles marathon. Since then has finished more than 50 marathons (26.2 miles). In 2008 he finished his first Ironman Arizona (140.6 miles), SInce then has now completed eight other Ironmans and numerous distances of triathlons.

During training and competitions, hymself has been afflicted with injuries from time to time and can really understand the difficulty of dealing with nagging and chronic pain making training or competing impossible. Certainly he understands how message can help relieve pain and increase muscle performance.

"It is my honor to help clients find relief from their pain. From my work with endurance athletes and serious local athletes, I truly understand the importance of massage treatment to get them going back at the starting and finish line."