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Ray Arroyo has been my massage therapist since 2009, as an endurance athlete himself he has experienced many of the same issues. I first came to him for a hip injury, he has help me with various issues. My daughter has seen him as well for plantar fasciitis and other running issues. Ray uses Triger Point therapy combined with deep tissue massage depending on the issues or injuries. As a marathon runner and tri athlete massage therapy is crucial to my success. Ray has kept me running, biking, and swimming. I highly recommend him.

- Shannon Truman -

"Ray is the best! I was told by specialists I needed MRIs, shots, a brace, P.T. and time off exercising! Not only did I not need any of these things, he was able to heal me after 3 sessions. This is true for my piriformus syndrome and my planter fasciitis! Because of Ray I never missed a race. I nicknamed him ‘magic fingers’ and told all my runners and IM friends he was the only one to go too. I was so sad he moved away. I’d buy a plane ticket to him if I needed any help. He’s that good."

- Rachel Honeymoon -

"I strained my muscle in my back (picking up my bike) the day before IRONMAN. I could barely move, and thought my race might be over before it started. Ray Arroyo healed me. I'm not sure, but he is magic. His skills as a massage therapist are unparalleled. He's an an even better human. Thanks, Ray!"

- Jesse Robinson -

I wanted to say a few words about how wonderful Ray is. I first met Ray on a long training ride where I discovered that he is a masseuse. I was training for my first half ironman race. I was feeling tight and sore. I made an appointment and I was so thankful I did. Ray really helped me work through tightness and trouble areas. It really helped. I didn't realize how much Ray helped me till he moved away. I learned a lot and have a great appreciation for what Ray was able to help me with. I still squeeze in appointments with him when he travels back to Texas. I strongly recommend Ray. I have referred my best of friends and family to him. You will be thankful to know him.

- Stranton Family -