Superior Performance Massage

Sports, work, and everyday movement impacts the musculoskeletal system that provides form, support, stability and movement of the body adopting postures and patterns of movement over time. Wheter it is that you are recovering from a long time illnes, an injury, stress, or muscle trauma, all this can lead to muscular inhibition, muscular rigidity, sorenes and pain causing changes in your movement patterns. Using techniques to reduce restrictions, rigidity, and to maximize the balance in muscle tissue we can work together to better your condition. These treatmens are ideal for you if you need to restore movement efficiency after an illnes or injury and you are suffering of movement restrictions, if you had medical stress related conditions like tension, headaches, artritis, or any condition that causes muscle soreness or pain, if you have any sports related movement problems in hip joints, knees, ankles, neck, shoulders and back, if you have injuries related to posture, overperformance, or just in need of restoring and improving your muscle tissue condition. Enter your name and email address below.

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Iron Man Training

Iron Man Triathlon Training requires hard work, dedication and expertise, considered one of the most difficult one-day sporting event in the world it consists in a 2.4 mile equivalent to 3.86 km swim a 112mile equivalent to 180.25 km bicycle ride and a 26.22mile equivalent to 42.20 km marathon run in that order and mostly limited to 17 hours to complete the race typical cut off times are like this:

Swim Bicycle Marathon
2.4 miles 112 miles 26.22 miles
2 hrs 20 min 8 hrs 10 min 6 hrs 30 min

In 2005, the WTC instituted the 70.3 race this shorter course series also known as half Iron Man consists of a 1.2-mile (1.9 km) swim, 56-mile (90 km) bike ride, and 13.1-mile (21.1 km) run. As with the Ironman series, it consists of a number of qualifying races at various locations worldwide, culminating in a world championship race with athletes drawn largely from top finishers in the qualifying events.

Ray Arroyo is a Certified Iron Man Coach with over 12 years experience and currently training several seasoned and new athletes using top technologies he is able to monitor and improve over all performance aplying his knowledge and expertise.

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